Month: October 2021

Halloween House “Haunting”

Halloween is a great time of year to go house “haunting”.  Of course, I mean “hunting”.  LOL.  People are under the misconception that the Fall/Winter season is a bad time to be selling or buying a home.  Not true.  These cooler months are a great time to be in the market!

If you’re a buyer, you’ll be you’ll be competing with fewer, albeit much more motivated buyers.  Also, if you like the way a home looks in the Fall and Winter months, you will likely love it in the Spring and Summer!

If you’re on the sell side, you’ll be in a market with fewer homes for sale, so if you believe in the laws of supply and demand, you should be able to command a higher price.  In addition, you’ll find that the Fall/Winter buyers are also highly motivated buyers who are out in the market when there are so many holiday and weather distractions.

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