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FSBO Open HousesOur For-Sale-by-Owner - FSBO open houses listings are listed below.  Select a property type (condo, single family or multiple family) and review the listings.  Click here to review tips on how to host an open house.

Think of the effort you put into making your home presentable to party guests. Now, imagine those guests considering whether or not to pay you a very large sum of money.

Make sense?

The level of preparation should reflect the importance of the open house event as the best opportunity to impress prospective buyers. Set yourself up for success with the following tips:

  • Hire a professional housecleaning service in the week leading up to the event. If you are properly preparing in other areas, you will likely not have the time to deep clean the house yourself.
  • Declutter surfaces and put away all personal items. Use the opportunity to toss items that won’t survive the move.
  • Board your pets or leave them with a friend for the afternoon.
  • Prepare refreshments, such as cookies and bottled water, and arrange them neatly in the kitchen.
  • Place fresh flowers strategically through the house to draw the eye to your favorite features.

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